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The Swedish Cartographic Society was founded in 1908, and is probably one of the oldest of its kind. The Society’s goal is to increase the interest in cartography and other topics related to mapping or the use of maps in Sweden and to try to encourage a development in the area. Therefore the Society had its hundred year jubilee in 2008 with major events that year including activities as that 2008 was announced as the Year of the Map in Sweden.

Organised in six sections

The Society is organised in six sections; Cartography, Historical maps, Geographical Information Systems, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Geodesy and Education. Each section has responsibility for its respective disciplines and among other things the sections arrange seminars, exhibitions and study visits. The amount of members is about 2,500.

Swedish Map Days

The main activity of the Society is to organize the annual conference “Kartdagarna” or the Swedish Map Days (www.kartdagar.se). The conference is arranged in combination with a fair that presents products and services from more than 60 companies and authorities. The conference program includes seminars within the areas of Cartography, Historical maps, Geographic Information Systems, Photogrammetry, Visualisation, Geographic Information Technology, Remote Sensing and Geodesy. The conference also includes a map exhibition, seminars on educations, management, pricing, politics and strategies. Social arrangements are an important part of the conference. The last years there have been more than 1,000 participants at the “Map days” and more than 600 participants on the fair.

Mapping and Image Science

Kart & Bildteknik “Mapping and Image Science” is the official journal from the Swedish Cartographic Society (Kartografiska Sällskapet - KS). The journal is publicised four times a year.


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